In the time I have been working on the animation industry, I have developed a diverse skill set and a deep understanding of the animation production process. I’ve overseen the production of several successful projects, from initial concept to final delivery, ensuring that each project was completed on time, on budget, and to the highest quality standards. With my expertise in project management, scheduling, team and client coordination, I have successfully navigated the challenges of the animation industry, delivering exceptional results every time.

I consider myself to be a team player that understands the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the animation production process and have built strong relationships with artists, technicians, and executives alike.

My skills

Software experience

Technical understanding of animation softwares such as Maya, Zbrush, the Adobe Creative Suite and more!

Soft Skills

Fast learner, proactive and problem solver. Easy to communicate with and highly organized. Team driven person.

Pipeline knwoledge

Experience working with different tracking softwares such as Shotgrid, Ftrack and Basecamp. Proficient with the Google Suite.

Previous work

Production Manager
Relish Studios, Remote work
2021 - 2023
  • Polly Pocket Web Series (Locket World Adventures)
  • Variety of Barbie Music Videos
  • Futureverse Teaser
  • Unnanounced 2D Show.
Production Coordinator
Relish Studios, Remote work
  • Barbie Season 1 (Fashion Fun for Everyone) Web Series
  • Polly PocketĀ  (Themepark Adventures) Web Series
  • Cave Club: Dinos and Tots Mini Series
  • Polly Pocket Music Videos.
Production Assistant
Relish Studios, Remote work
  • Cave Club Season 2 web Series
  • Cave Club Music Video.
Variety of studios
2016 - Present
  • Freelance Illustrator from 2019 to present day
  • Motion Graphic Designer for Interaction, CR (2019)
  • 3D Generalist for Symbiotic, CR (2016-2017)


Native Speaker
Highly Proficient
Good Working Knwoledge